Nick, who is your favorite minor Morning Glories character?


I think Maggie’s the best job we’ve done so far with a character that doesn’t get much page time. 

Hey I'm just a tad curious about Jade an her mum, will more light be shed on Jade's background soon? And I'm also very curious about her 'friendship' with Ike? Can I expect more of their antics in volume 8?


Oh yeah, lot more on the Jade and her mom situation coming very soon. Big season 2 ingredient. 

Not too much more Jade and Ike for a little while, though. I love writing them together, but I think we need to give them a little time apart as well. 

do you have any plans to return to the UU? I loved your X-Men run, it was a shame it was only 12 issues long though.


No plans, sorry.

hey man, i love superior foes, definitely my favorite comic out there right now. one thing i've been wondering a lot is, does Boomerang still have rocket boots? or is he grounded? much appreciated for the great series, man. best wishes.


Yup— we will be addressing the rocket boots soon, you have my word on it :)

So I just wana say I am a huge fan of Morning Glories, as well as your work and Joe Eisma's work. I was kinda wondering if you or Joe have any idea about what cons you may possible be going to this year?


Just NYCC for me this year. Very, very busy.

Where are you from? I thought I heard Canada but can't find any proof of that online!


Nope, American— and I have the health care bills to prove it.